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Do YOU Love Sounds?

Because we LOVE sounds… And the sounds of music. So join us for the We Love Sounds festival this June long weekend. To be held at the Shores Complex and featuring such artists as Dubfire of Deep Dish, Cassius, Hybrid, Utah Saints, Derrick Carter, Steve Lawler and Black Grass.

We Love Sounds

So join the posse for another day to remember and forget all at the same time, because no doubt it will be better than the last time and not as good as the next time.


We’re back, fools!

After a major server crash we’re finally back!! For the past month or so we’ve been running from a temporary server as well as the main server while everything has been getting sorted out. Apart from no new posts i bet no-one even knew we had server issues. But anywho, the main thing is that we’re back. Some things (like the image gallery) still aren’t back, but that will come soon. Hopefully.

Edit: As of May I, Scotty, will be posting again also.

Scotty Doesn’t Know… That It’s His Birthday

Ok, so he really does know, but that’s not the point. (Or the paint if you ask Chandy). So we are going to go out on the Friday night, somewhere, and have some drinks, venue still to be decided. Will keep everyone posted. Maybe we will start at The Room for some pizza, yeah, we’ll do that, that sounds good.

Australia Day Weekend

Australia Day long weekend is coming up and not only that but it’s my birthday! So a BBQ is on the cards for the Saturday while listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 and watching the cricket. Drinking beer will also be involved. Lots of beer.

Still unsure of where we will do this, maybe a park somewhere. Or who knows, but Dung has the whole day off, on a Saturday, so we have to do something fun and make it worthwhile and celebrate her citizenship! As well as Australia, as well as my birthday.

A Day at the Schützenfest

Never having been to Schützenfest before I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and had heard mixed reactions from different people. Two things were for sure, we had to have kransky’s, and we were going to drink beer. That we did. I think throughout the day I managed about 4 kransky’s and a lot more beers, as well as many other drinks in between.

Kate, Moni, Chris (as he was then known), Mark and myself headed into town on the bus about 1.30pm eventually getting to Bonython Park for Schützenfest about 2.30pm.  We saw so many people we knew and it seemed that everyone knew everyone some way or another. Adelaide is just so small! So we spent the day drinking, eating, talking, getting burnt, dancing, photo whoring and whatever else we did. Christafarian (formerly known as Chris) got a tattoo that says his Mum thinks he’s cool. The rest of us don’t.

All in all was a great day, and night, full of fun. Check out the photos in the gallery for what you all missed out on.

Chopper in ‘Make Deadshits History’

Chopper is back at The Fringe this year and we are going once again. After last year’s performances this should be just as good, if not better. Date yet to be decided but we should get in quick before all the good days sell out. Check out the Fringe site here: Make Deadshits History

From the Fringe site:

“After 2007’s sell-out ‘Harden the F*ck Up Australia’, Heath Franklin’s comedy character, Chopper (Network 10’s Ronnie Johns Half Hour) returns, tackling an issue bigger than world poverty or global warming – eradicating the terminally stupid, the deadshits. Finally, a cause we can all support. Help Chopper help you ‘Make Deadshits History’. ”

“They say charity begins at home; sometime it begins at the end of a gun. Bono, Chris Martin, Bob Geldof – all the songs in the world aren’t going to change the fact, the world has been a safer place for total deadshits. A new charity collector is in town, and this one know how to make you donate.”

“Natural selection needs a hurry a long. It’s time to let Chopper take over and get all ‘Darwin’ on our asses. Forget Band Aid, Live Aid, Whinge Fucking Whinge Aid, finally there’s a charity we can all get behind. Help Chopper help you ‘Make Deadshits History’*.”

“All we are saying is give the global eradication of deadshits a chance.”

“Together, we can do this.”

” * A dollar from every ticket sale goes to Chopper ‘Make Deadshits History’ Foundation, to help get deadshits and drug addicts off the street, but bullets don’t come cheap, so buy tickets now.”


Yes people, it’s time again for Schutzenfest, the German drinking, errr, shooting festival. A whole weekend of drinking German beer and eating German food. We’ll probably be heading in on the Saturday to make a day of it (and possibly a night too), so make sure you’re there. The weather’s looking pretty good for it so far, and if previous years are anything to go by then it should be a great day.

UPDATE: Meet at The Room from 11am, probably leave here around 12ish and somehow find out way in there. Right now we’re thinking some kind of bus, or maybe limo.

New Years Adventures

Where to start? What a big, exciting night. It all started about 5pm when I picked Kate up from the airport so she could party the year away with me. Took some beers to the airport for her, then dropped her back at her house so she could get ready, and I could go home and do the same.

Once Mark and I had got ready, we packed the esky (although forgot the V & Red Bull) and headed to Kate’s to pick her up, then on to Benni D’s for a beer or 2. After about an hour at Ben’s, we headed off again, this time to the Rent-A-Crowd Headquarters (with a detour to pickup the V & Red Bull) for BBQ and many drinks before seeing the New Year in at HQ Complex.

Great times were had with great people as we drank some beers, vodka, jagerbombs, sour monkey and whatever else was available. We had food, music, a sparkler bomb, glow sticks, just to name a few things.

After this, me Kate & Mark headed to HQ where we drank some more and danced the night & year away. It gets a bit hazy after this and I am not really sure where I was when the new year rang in, but I am sure it was good. Then about 2.30am I left HQ on foot to head back to Steve’s. I didn’t get there until about 4.30 when Mark and Kate eventually found me and dropped me off in the taxi. I had wandered the streets for nearly 2 hours, not really sure where I was. I did meet some nice policemen though which I had a chat with before they sent me on my way. I also jumped some fences and grazed my knee and bruised my foot… badly.

Spent another hour or two sitting around and talking shit before we all crashed in the multiple available beds and then getting up only a few hours later for people to go to work and also for us to clean up our mess. All in all I’m about 80% sure it was a great night. Be sure to check out the gallery for the photos, and let me know if you know anyone in then, because there is people I posed with that I don’t know. Oh how I love it!

New Years Eve @ HQ

We’re going to HQ for New Years! If anyone else wants to come i think there’s still tickets available. So far me, Scott and Kate are going. Night will start of as usual at The Room, then into HQ to see in the new year. Hope to see you there.

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