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Now on Foursquare!

Evil Ninja Pirates are now on Foursquare! Feel free to check in each time you’re here, and try to oust me as the Mayor!

Mark traveling through Europe

Mark has decided to head overseas and visit Scotty while doing his own traveling throughout Europe as well. Keep up to date with what he is up to on his very own blog (if he has time to update it that is).

Scotty Now Living in London

For any of you that don’t know, Scotty recently moved overseas to London to travel and for a whole new range of experiences. You can keep up to date with all his happenings and travels all over the world on his own blog page.

You can even sign up so you receive an email whenever he posts an update! Nice one, do it!

Everything is back and OK

So after a whole heap of screwing around with the site and servers, everything is finally back online and running properly. If you’re bored take a look around and check everything out, and if something isn’t working then let me know. If you’re not currently a amember then sign up for free now! Membership ensures you are the first to know about ENP events, including parties @ The Room and our world famous poker nights. You will also have the chance to get your very own email address. These can’t be bought in stores people, and everyone wants one, so sign up now! More details will be posted when they become available

Software Updated

The software for the site has just been updated, so you may have problems logging in. If you do, just clear your cookies from your browser and all will be good

We’re back, fools!

After a major server crash we’re finally back!! For the past month or so we’ve been running from a temporary server as well as the main server while everything has been getting sorted out. Apart from no new posts i bet no-one even knew we had server issues. But anywho, the main thing is that we’re back. Some things (like the image gallery) still aren’t back, but that will come soon. Hopefully.

Edit: As of May I, Scotty, will be posting again also.

New Photo Gallery and Internet Explorer

Why does Internet Explorer not like well coded webpages? If you’re using Internet Explorer you will not get the full experience while viewing this site. Also, the photo gallery won’t work properly, so for the time being you can do one of two different things:

1. Continue using your crappy internet (Internet Explorer). Or,

2. Download and use Mozilla Firefox (preferred option).

For everyone’s convenience there is a link to Firefox on the side of the page, so download and install it, then get the full experience of the Evil Ninja Pirates website.

Damn Spammers :(

Right, who gave the spammers this website address? They keep on spamming us with comments about viagra and other drugs, so i’ve had to install anti-spam software. Take that you fuckin spammers!

New Category

There’s a new category on here, Events. It’s to showcase everything that we do, like go out and get drunk! Soon there’ll also be a Gallery section with photos of said events, and even a couple of live video feeds from The Room. These will only be up when something is on, so it won’t be a 24/7 feed. That’s about it for now.

Evil Ninja Pirates Online!

Yarrr, welcome to the Evil Ninja Pirates website. After too long we are finally back online, with a new website that promises* to be updated regularly. While you’re here, check out the forums, they’re a wealth of useless information. If you’re lucky enough you can have your own email address, there is 5 of them up for grabs. Depending on demand we may have a competition to see who gets them, it’ll probably involve drinking, and will probably be in The Room. Keep checking the forums to find out when this will be happening

* Not a promise