Chopper is back at The Fringe this year and we are going once again. After last year’s performances this should be just as good, if not better. Date yet to be decided but we should get in quick before all the good days sell out. Check out the Fringe site here: Make Deadshits History

From the Fringe site:

“After 2007’s sell-out ‘Harden the F*ck Up Australia’, Heath Franklin’s comedy character, Chopper (Network 10’s Ronnie Johns Half Hour) returns, tackling an issue bigger than world poverty or global warming – eradicating the terminally stupid, the deadshits. Finally, a cause we can all support. Help Chopper help you ‘Make Deadshits History’. ”

“They say charity begins at home; sometime it begins at the end of a gun. Bono, Chris Martin, Bob Geldof – all the songs in the world aren’t going to change the fact, the world has been a safer place for total deadshits. A new charity collector is in town, and this one know how to make you donate.”

“Natural selection needs a hurry a long. It’s time to let Chopper take over and get all ‘Darwin’ on our asses. Forget Band Aid, Live Aid, Whinge Fucking Whinge Aid, finally there’s a charity we can all get behind. Help Chopper help you ‘Make Deadshits History’*.”

“All we are saying is give the global eradication of deadshits a chance.”

“Together, we can do this.”

” * A dollar from every ticket sale goes to Chopper ‘Make Deadshits History’ Foundation, to help get deadshits and drug addicts off the street, but bullets don’t come cheap, so buy tickets now.”