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New Years Eve @ HQ

We’re going to HQ for New Years! If anyone else wants to come i think there’s still tickets available. So far me, Scott and Kate are going. Night will start of as usual at The Room, then into HQ to see in the new year. Hope to see you there.

New Photo Gallery and Internet Explorer

Why does Internet Explorer not like well coded webpages? If you’re using Internet Explorer you will not get the full experience while viewing this site. Also, the photo gallery won’t work properly, so for the time being you can do one of two different things:

1. Continue using your crappy internet (Internet Explorer). Or,

2. Download and use Mozilla Firefox (preferred option).

For everyone’s convenience there is a link to Firefox on the side of the page, so download and install it, then get the full experience of the Evil Ninja Pirates website.

Random Images

With the new photo gallery that’s now on here we can show random images from any of the photo albums. Check out some of them below:


Last night started off at my place with me, Viscous, Snowflake and Mark having a few drinks at my place and rocking Guitar Hero III before heading in to Flashdance. We headed in there about 10.30 thinking we’ll get in fair quick because of our so called “Priority Entry” cards. No deal. All they give you is free entry, no priority about it. Strike 1 to HQ. So then we had to line up in the line for nearly an hour just to get in. Damn lines, although we did meet some pretty cool people in the line and had some pretty random conversations. When we finally got in they said they were only letting 9 more people in after us unless people started coming out. Lucky for us!

Saw lots of people I knew there. Met up with Clem and her friend Michelle. Randomly saw Benni D at the bar, had lots of drinks, had a jaegerbomb with the crackwhore Kaitlin then went to (flash) dance! Mark and James got sunnies from the giveaway, Michelle got a Vodka Cruiser shirt, which I then stole and wore. Haha, now it’s dirty. Damn white shirt! Then I stole a poster, that was clever of me.

Then I saw my friend Eddie and we had some drinks, good times, until….. I was walking past somewhere and one of the bouncers grabs me and drags me outside! I didn’t even do anything, except steal a poster, but that was ages before then. Strike 2 for HQ!

Then we ended up heading over to Macca’s and having cheeseburgers. Good end to the night, no thanks to HQ. Ended up getting home about 3.30AM maybe 4ish. Now I am at work waiting for our Xmas lunch of Pig-on-a-Spit to cure this hangover of mine… Oh, and the beer that is being provided, I am sure that will help too ;)

Merry Christmas

This is just a quick message from all of the Evil Ninja Pirates wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas. We hope to party with you soon. Take care, and if we don’t see you before the New Year, get drunk and have a blast, because we will be!

See our Xmas present to you here.

Damn Spammers :(

Right, who gave the spammers this website address? They keep on spamming us with comments about viagra and other drugs, so i’ve had to install anti-spam software. Take that you fuckin spammers!

Party Posse on YouTube!

Check us featuring on YouTube dancing to Tenishia at Paul Van Dyk’s Beach Party!

We’re famous!!!

Future Music Festival ‘08

The Future Music Festival is coming back to Adelaide and is going to be great. From what I heard last year was great and was a shame I missed it, but that won’t be the case this year. Tickets are on sale now and are about $90. It is on March the 10th and is going to feature John Digweed (UK), Roger Sanchez (USA), Sven Vath (Germany), Who Made Who (Denmark), The Shapeshifters (UK), Eddie Halliwell (UK), Diplo (USA), Markus Schulz (US), DJ Yoda (UK), The Black Ghosts, Elite Force (UK), Laidback Luke, DIM (Germany), James Holroyd, Kid Koala, Chicks On Speed (Germany), Datarock (Norway).

We will make another full day of it and have an absolute blast as always, ‘cos that’s how we roll! Get excited, Big Kev style. Rarrrrrrrr!

Paul Van Dyk’s Beach Party!

Yesterday was Paul Van Dyk’s Beach Party held at the Shores Complex at West Beach. We started off at about 10 in the morning under the gazebo just outside The Room (due to The Room being full of crap). We had fruit smoothies, with vodka, and little sandwiches made by me and my Mum. Thanks Mum! We then had some shots and a few more drinks before heading off in style to the days event.

We got there about a bit after 12, got our VIP passes and then headed in for a day of drinking, dancing, and other general mayhem. We saw people such as Midnight Juggernauts, Riot In Belgium, and of course Paul Van Dyk, plus many more.

Was a great day and saw so many people. Went to a car party thanks to Kiwi, Benny looked after me as usual, Moni tried to destroy my lungs and we danced and danced and danced till late at night. Oh, and of course had to send a few drunken messages and make drunken phone calls to random people. They love it! Thanks to everyone who made it a great day not only for me but as a continuation of Moni’s birthday. Love you all. Work is not fun today and I am very unproductive! Take it sleazy!

Moni’s Birthday!

It’s Moni’s birthday today, so we went out for tea at the Pink Pig in North Adelaide. Happy Birthday Moni! There was a fair few of us there, eating and drinking, then some of us were hitting the town after. Chandy decided to make a pig of himself and order the ribs
Chandy gorging himself on some ribs!

So yeah, everyone ordered normal food, steaks, seafood etc, and Chandy ordered the messiest thing he could find. But he assures us that it was worth it. They even gave him a bib so he didn’t make a mess of himself.

After dinner we went down Rundle St. and ended up at Fumo Blu, then helped a drunk passed out guy into a taxi, and after that we ended up at a very empty London Tavern. We would’ve been lucky if there was 20 people in there. So that was Moni’s birthday. By all reports she had a great night, and that’s what counts!