Where to start? What a big, exciting night. It all started about 5pm when I picked Kate up from the airport so she could party the year away with me. Took some beers to the airport for her, then dropped her back at her house so she could get ready, and I could go home and do the same.

Once Mark and I had got ready, we packed the esky (although forgot the V & Red Bull) and headed to Kate’s to pick her up, then on to Benni D’s for a beer or 2. After about an hour at Ben’s, we headed off again, this time to the Rent-A-Crowd Headquarters (with a detour to pickup the V & Red Bull) for BBQ and many drinks before seeing the New Year in at HQ Complex.

Great times were had with great people as we drank some beers, vodka, jagerbombs, sour monkey and whatever else was available. We had food, music, a sparkler bomb, glow sticks, just to name a few things.

After this, me Kate & Mark headed to HQ where we drank some more and danced the night & year away. It gets a bit hazy after this and I am not really sure where I was when the new year rang in, but I am sure it was good. Then about 2.30am I left HQ on foot to head back to Steve’s. I didn’t get there until about 4.30 when Mark and Kate eventually found me and dropped me off in the taxi. I had wandered the streets for nearly 2 hours, not really sure where I was. I did meet some nice policemen though which I had a chat with before they sent me on my way. I also jumped some fences and grazed my knee and bruised my foot… badly.

Spent another hour or two sitting around and talking shit before we all crashed in the multiple available beds and then getting up only a few hours later for people to go to work and also for us to clean up our mess. All in all I’m about 80% sure it was a great night. Be sure to check out the gallery for the photos, and let me know if you know anyone in then, because there is people I posed with that I don’t know. Oh how I love it!