Last night was the Division 4 Men’s Grand Final with your very own North Adelaide Rockets taking on the South Adelaide Panthers. The teams hadn’t played against each other all year so no one really knew what to expect. People came in in droves and packed out the stadium for what was to be an epic showdown. South had the bigger crowd but North came out and silenced them early getting out to a comfortable lead which continued through most of the game. The crowd for South continued making so much noise but this was matched by the ENP cheersquad that came out complete with streamers and horns. The noise got too much for the games on the other court that the barrier between courts had to be lowered.

The ENP Cheersquad

In the final quarter South came back and took the lead by a point with 35 seconds remaining. North called a time out and subbed in the coach who made a 3-pointer with 10 seconds left to seal the victory for North. The atmosphere was electric and was great to have so many people out there supporting.

Big shout outs to the girls, Kate, Dung, Moni & Gen, as well as Chris, and Jimmy coming out representing the Rent-A-Crowd. Here’s to the next season where we intend to keep on with the winning ways.