Never having been to Schützenfest before I wasn’t really sure what to expect, and had heard mixed reactions from different people. Two things were for sure, we had to have kransky’s, and we were going to drink beer. That we did. I think throughout the day I managed about 4 kransky’s and a lot more beers, as well as many other drinks in between.

Kate, Moni, Chris (as he was then known), Mark and myself headed into town on the bus about 1.30pm eventually getting to Bonython Park for Schützenfest about 2.30pm.  We saw so many people we knew and it seemed that everyone knew everyone some way or another. Adelaide is just so small! So we spent the day drinking, eating, talking, getting burnt, dancing, photo whoring and whatever else we did. Christafarian (formerly known as Chris) got a tattoo that says his Mum thinks he’s cool. The rest of us don’t.

All in all was a great day, and night, full of fun. Check out the photos in the gallery for what you all missed out on.