Welcome to Evil Ninja Pirate Headquarters, The Room. For those of you who don’t know, The Room is our bar where many a drinking sessions have been held and much fun has been had and even more chaos and mayhem has ensued. The Room has to be one of our favourite drinking places of all time, and any who have been agree, that there ain’t no party like a party in The Room. One only needs to look to the rafters and gaze at the copious amounts of alcohol that has been drunk, as all empty spirit bottles are displayed. (Pics coming soon*). But even when we aren’t drinking The Room is still a great place to hang out and just have fun with friends. So next time you’re invited to come to The Room, make all efforts to be there because you will regret missing it otherwise.

This page will soon showcase The Room, including live feeds of events if for some soft reason you can’t make it. Stay tuned for updates.

* The term ’soon’ is used very loosely.