Last night started off at my place with me, Viscous, Snowflake and Mark having a few drinks at my place and rocking Guitar Hero III before heading in to Flashdance. We headed in there about 10.30 thinking we’ll get in fair quick because of our so called “Priority Entry” cards. No deal. All they give you is free entry, no priority about it. Strike 1 to HQ. So then we had to line up in the line for nearly an hour just to get in. Damn lines, although we did meet some pretty cool people in the line and had some pretty random conversations. When we finally got in they said they were only letting 9 more people in after us unless people started coming out. Lucky for us!

Saw lots of people I knew there. Met up with Clem and her friend Michelle. Randomly saw Benni D at the bar, had lots of drinks, had a jaegerbomb with the crackwhore Kaitlin then went to (flash) dance! Mark and James got sunnies from the giveaway, Michelle got a Vodka Cruiser shirt, which I then stole and wore. Haha, now it’s dirty. Damn white shirt! Then I stole a poster, that was clever of me.

Then I saw my friend Eddie and we had some drinks, good times, until….. I was walking past somewhere and one of the bouncers grabs me and drags me outside! I didn’t even do anything, except steal a poster, but that was ages before then. Strike 2 for HQ!

Then we ended up heading over to Macca’s and having cheeseburgers. Good end to the night, no thanks to HQ. Ended up getting home about 3.30AM maybe 4ish. Now I am at work waiting for our Xmas lunch of Pig-on-a-Spit to cure this hangover of mine… Oh, and the beer that is being provided, I am sure that will help too ;)