It’s Moni’s birthday today, so we went out for tea at the Pink Pig in North Adelaide. Happy Birthday Moni! There was a fair few of us there, eating and drinking, then some of us were hitting the town after. Chandy decided to make a pig of himself and order the ribs
Chandy gorging himself on some ribs!

So yeah, everyone ordered normal food, steaks, seafood etc, and Chandy ordered the messiest thing he could find. But he assures us that it was worth it. They even gave him a bib so he didn’t make a mess of himself.

After dinner we went down Rundle St. and ended up at Fumo Blu, then helped a drunk passed out guy into a taxi, and after that we ended up at a very empty London Tavern. We would’ve been lucky if there was 20 people in there. So that was Moni’s birthday. By all reports she had a great night, and that’s what counts!