Yesterday was Paul Van Dyk’s Beach Party held at the Shores Complex at West Beach. We started off at about 10 in the morning under the gazebo just outside The Room (due to The Room being full of crap). We had fruit smoothies, with vodka, and little sandwiches made by me and my Mum. Thanks Mum! We then had some shots and a few more drinks before heading off in style to the days event.

We got there about a bit after 12, got our VIP passes and then headed in for a day of drinking, dancing, and other general mayhem. We saw people such as Midnight Juggernauts, Riot In Belgium, and of course Paul Van Dyk, plus many more.

Was a great day and saw so many people. Went to a car party thanks to Kiwi, Benny looked after me as usual, Moni tried to destroy my lungs and we danced and danced and danced till late at night. Oh, and of course had to send a few drunken messages and make drunken phone calls to random people. They love it! Thanks to everyone who made it a great day not only for me but as a continuation of Moni’s birthday. Love you all. Work is not fun today and I am very unproductive! Take it sleazy!