The first ENPPL event was held last night and was no doubt a success. People from all over Adelaide turned out to participate and others who came to watch were not disappointed.

As this was only a lead up tournament, people were having a bit of a laugh and it wasn’t too serious to begin with, but as the hands progressed, so did the seriousness. Dave-O was first out and became dealer, even though he wasn’t very good at it, but he tried and that’s what mattered. Scotty was down to his last $100 of chips before hitting a lucky streak and winning 5 hands in a row, going all-in each time to become chip leader. Unluckily he too bowed out along with other which left Kate and Teddy to fight it out at the end, eventually with Teddy prevailing. Kate was the big surprise though, making the final two, with everyone expecting her to go out first.

A few new faces for the second game with the stakes rising, it was bound to be a good one. Chris started went out hard, possibly due to the half bottle of Canadian Club he had drunk, and unfotunately, it didn’t pay off for him, being the first to leave the table. The games continued on, before everyone once again being surprised, this time with Monica making it to the final two, along with Mark. Mark “I don’t even know what I have got but still win” Wolstencroft also surprising the crowd by not only making the final two, but actually winning it all!

The night was a glimpse of what is to come from the new Evil Ninja Pirates Poker League, which is no doubt only going to get bigger and stronger. With regular fixtures set to be planned, and big name players, people are eagerly waiting to play.

The official launch is supposed to be happening in the coming weeks, is just being held up by some scheduling issues at the moment. Once these are sorted though, the ENPPL is set to take off. Stay tuned for more details.