In a lead up to what is being billed as the hottest new poker tournament in the world, the ENPPL would like to present the Lead Up Tournament, before the first Evil Ninja Pirates Poker Tournament takes place.

The Lead Up Tournament is set to take place on the 27th of September 2008 at the ENP Headquarters. While not as prestigious as the First Invitational is going to be, the lead up event will still feature some big name players, who no doubt will keep their reputations in tact and not let this slip away. Even if it is only a lead up event.

Buy In’s will be set at $5 a round to begin with, and hopefully, time willing, at least three rounds will be played through. Standard rules apply with other details to be provided on the night.

Unfortunately, the bartender will be interstate during this tournament so refreshments will need to be fetched by the players themselves, or possibly spectators if you can convince them. Refreshments will be the house special, which is BYO.

For any further details, send an email to