The first Evil Ninja Pirates Invitational Poker Tournament is sure to become one of the most prestigious events the poker world has ever seen. In a league of its own, The Evil Ninja Pirates Poker League, or ENPPL, it will be the basis of big things to come for all involved.

The tournament will be by invitation only, with only 20 invitations to go out to some of the best and most highly regarded poker players the event organisers know. While it is unknown exactly who these invitations will go to, rumours have been leaked that one will be going to big time player James “Teddy” Tedmanson, while another will be going to the one and only Jason Nair, aka Snowflake. With big names like these the tournament will be bound for big things and no doubt will be highly talked about amongst the poker community.

The event is set to be held on the 27th of September, 2008, at the official headquarters of The Evil Ninja Pirates Organisation, The Room. Players will begin to arrive after 6.30pm, for sign in, a bit to eat, and no doubt interviews with the press and signing of autographs for the fans. The tournament will then begin at 7.30pm and go on late into the night.

Another rumour that has surfaced is that famous bartender and recently unemployed, Belinda Wolstencroft will be making an appearance behind the bar to serve the guests up with drinks and random heckling. Both should not be missed.